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Animal Husbandry

Navajo churro sheep

We strive to honor the interconnectedness of land, animals, and human well-being. By incorporating traditional wisdom, regenerative principles, and community involvement, the program aims to promote a balanced and harmonious relationship between animals, people, and the environment. Our Navajo-Churro Sheep flock is our teacher.



We understand the importance of using sustainable farming practices to protect our environment for future generations. Our no-till garden is designed to be gentle on the earth while providing nutrient-dense produce for our community.

Land Restoration


Committed to preserving the natural beauty of our community and supporting the growth of the local ecosystem, our focus on erosion control through swale creation, catchment ponds, and re-establishment of native plants is rooted in the belief that a healthy environment leads to happier, healthier communities.

Recreation Trails


We believe everyone should have access to the beauty of land. We are creating trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.



We aim to inspire creativity, knowledge, cultural awareness. Our projects emphasize the importance of preserving traditional agropastoral practices and promoting eco-friendly techniques. With the guidance of ancestral teachings, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the Diné community and the larger Earth family, proving that healing can permeate generations through a blend of ancestral wisdom and contemporary resilience.

Dine Museum

historic photo Borrego Pass

We are committed to telling an interactive narrative of our people and land.


Our Future

We are committed to fostering intergenerational healing, cultural revitalization, and regenerative land and community development rooted in the wisdom of the Diné teachings. Through an integrated approach that combines Mind-Body Medicine, Indigenous healing modalities, and regenerative agropastoralism, we are creating a center where individuals, families and communities can heal interpersonal traumas, improve communication, and rebuild relationships.

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