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Our Dream

The Hozho Center is the future home of a model community which will be based upon the Diné (Navajo) philosophy of Hózhóo (to exist sustainably within the natural environment) and K’é (to exist for the benefit of the community).

The Hozho Center will support a living, sustainable Diné community.  The mission of the Center is to revitalize a Diné traditional economy by offering direct and indirect services to the Diné and their supporters.


What We Will Offer

To Make A Difference

Animal Husbandry

The Hozho Center will be the permanent home for the Navajo-Churro sheep.  With their special relationship with the Diné, these sheep will help provide vital land restoration and help resurrect their traditional pastoral economy.  The Hozho Center will maintain a nucleus breeding flock in order to save this endangered breed and to restock Diné sheep camps.

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Ceremonial Center

The Hozho Center is committed to the spiritual healing of the people.  The Ceremonial Center will offer facilities needed to host Diné ceremonies, rituals, and practices.   It will also include an herbal garden for the teaching and implementation of traditional healing.

Diné Museum

The Diné Museum will showcase the history of the Diné Nation, culture, and language. Artifacts from the Borrego Trading Post and other reclaimed heritage pieces will be on display within the museum.


Educational Center

The mission of the Educational Center is to create comprehensive educational programs for the development and maintenance of sustainable camps in the Navajo Nation.  Programs will include animal husbandry, permaculture, land management, horticulture gardening, solar, culinary, arts and crafts, value added strategies, marketing, housing, transportation, networking, leadership, social work and healthy families; value added strategies, and physical and mental wellness.

Outreach Center

The Outreach Center will offer events, workshops and retreats to people interested in learning more about the development of sustainable communities and the rich history of the Diné.


"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James


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