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Programs & Projects


Each day, more and more Diné are realizing the need to revitalize our sheep camps in order to protect ourselves and the next generations against threats like COVID-19 and other long term social, economic, and environmental changes.  The Hozho Center will play a major role in revitalizing the camps by offering programs and services within a modern-built, traditionally modeled Diné camp based upon the values of K'é and Hózhóo.

Animal Husbandry 

The Hozho Center will be the permanent home for the Navajo-Churro sheep. With their special relationship with the Diné, these sheep will offer vital land restoration and help resurrect their traditional pastoral economy. We will keep a nucleus breeding flock to save this endangered breed and to restock Diné sheep camps.

Ceremonial Center

The Hozho Center is committed to the spiritual healing of the people. The Ceremonial Center will offer facilities needed to host Diné ceremonies, rituals, and practices. It will also include an herbal garden for the teaching and implementation of traditional healing.



The Diné Museum will showcase the history of the Diné Nation, culture, and language. Artifacts from the Borrego Trading Post and other reclaimed heritage pieces will be on display within the museum.

Outreach Center

The Outreach Center will offer events, workshops, and retreats to people interested in learning more about the development of sustainable communities and the rich history of the Diné.

Educational Center

The mission of the Educational Center is to create programs for the development and maintenance of sustainable camps in the Navajo Nation. 


Programs will include:

  • animal husbandry 

  • permaculture 

  • land management 

  • horticulture gardening 

  • solar energy 

  • Ceremonial camp

  • Indigenous culinary 

  • Diné arts and crafts 

  • marketing 

  • student and faculty housing 

  • transportation 

  • networking and leadership 

  • social work 

  • physical and mental wellness

Hozho Lodging

Hozho Lodging will offer a unique stay for visitors. Made in the present day with ancient architecture, these traditional homes will offer visitors an authentic experience. Visitors will have the choice to stay in the heart of a traditional Diné sheep camp or in a secluded hogan on the side of a mesa. It will be accompanied by the Sheep Camp Restaurant which serves fresh traditional dishes from our animals and gardens.

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