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Updated: Jun 26

1. Successfully obtained 501(c)3 status as a nonprofit organization, approved by the IRS, and incorporated in New Mexico.

2. Appointed a board of directors consisting of Dine Women, providing strong leadership and representation.

3. Conducted regular virtual updates and planning meetings with the board and key allies, ensuring effective communication and coordination.

4. Established collaborative relationships with several Dine farmers in local communities, fostering partnerships and knowledge sharing.

5. Organized four successful gardening workshops, with an average participation of thirty individuals per workshop, promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

6. Chairperson and onsite manager presented at the annual NM Regional Food Support Project, alongside three other indigenous nonprofits, showcasing our commitment to food sovereignty and regenerative agriculture. Joined the RFSP as a valued partner.

7. Held a productive two-day onsite meeting for board members and key allies, facilitating strategic planning and decision-making.

8. Conducted a comprehensive assessment and landscaping plan in collaboration with Studio Balcones (Austin, TX), a reputable landscaping organization, ensuring a well-designed and sustainable environment.

9. Engaged with Casamero Lake Chapter to plan road access to their community cemetery, located adjacent to the Hozho Center property, fostering community collaboration and support.

10. Initiated discussions with Navajo Technical University administration to explore a working relationship, including opportunities for interns, housing, and research collaboration.

11. Employed three dedicated full-time onsite staff members, Joshua Toddy, Justin Calvin, and Skhiler Ramone to drive the actualization of the Hozho Center's vision.

12. Developed a professional website ( and established a strong presence on social media platforms, increasing visibility and engagement with the community and stakeholders.

13. Onsite manager attended a three-day regenerative agriculture training at Working in Beauty, Inc., enhancing expertise in sustainable land management practices.

14. The Center was selected as a research site to reintroduce an endangered peach tree, a significant food source for the Dine' people before colonization, contributing to the preservation of indigenous food heritage.

15. Extended invitation from Navajo Technical University to participate as a research site for studying low-income 3D printed housing and other structures using locally sourced materials, fostering innovation and community development.

16. Chairperson certified by the Mind-Body Medicine Center to conduct group programs, enabling the provision of holistic healing and wellness programs for the community.

17. Collaborated with a community expert to complete a comprehensive mapping of the entire Borrego Pass watershed, contributing to effective land management and resource utilization.

18. Partnered with Workforce Development to provide training opportunities for staff members, enhancing their skills and professional development.

19. Successfully managed grants and donations, ensuring effective utilization of resources to support the Center's initiatives and programs.

20. Completed construction of essential infrastructure, including a commercial garden, greenhouse, chicken coop, and the renovation of the barn, warehouse, and workshop facilities, providing a functional and sustainable operational space.

21. These achievements highlight the dedicated efforts and significant progress made by the Hozho Center in its mission to cultivate healing, sustainable agriculture, and holistic well-being within the Diné community.

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