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Working on the Land....

After two years of dedicated work by the Dine' Board of Directors and their allies, we are working on the land at Borrego Pass and offering programs to the community. Joshua Toddy and Justin Calvin are working full-time onsite to actualize the Hozho Center. They are supported by the Dine' Board of Directors, partners, allies and volunteers who are contributing their time and resources.

The following are highlights from the past year.

1. 501(c)3 application was approved by the IRS (incorporated in New Mexico).

2. Appointed a board of directors of Dine Women

3. Conducted regular zoom updates and planning meetings with our board and key allies.

4. Established working collaboration with several Dine farmers within local communities.

5. Conducted four gardening workshops averaging thirty participants at each.

6. Chairperson and onsite manager presented along with three other indigenous nonprofits engaged in food sovereignty and regenerative agriculture at the annual NM Regional Food Support Project. We joined the RFSP as a partner.

7. Held two-day onsite meeting for board members and key allies.

8. Held three-day planning meeting with Studio Balcones, a landscaping organization to complete a comprehensive assessment and landscaping plan.

9. Chairperson met with Casamero Lake Chapter to plan a road access to their community cemetery located adjacent to Hozho Center property.

10. Meeting with Navajo Technical University administration to discuss a working relationship (i.e., interns, housing, research).

11. Employed two full-time onsite staff.

12. Created a website ( and social media presences.

13. Onsite manager attended a three-day regenerative agriculture training at Working in Beauty, Inc.

14. The Center was selected as a research site to reestablish an endangered peach tree, a major food source for the Dine’ prior to colonization.

15. Invited to join Navajo Technical University as a site to research low-income 3D printed housing and other structures using local materials.

16. Chairperson certified by the Mind-Body Medicine Center to conduct group programs.

17. Community expert mapped the entire Borrego Pass watershed.

18. Collaboration with Workforce Development to train staff.

19. Managed grants and donations.

20. Constructed a commercial garden, green house, chicken coup, and renovated barn, warehouse, and workshop.

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