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Having access to fresh locally grown produce is paramount. We aim to not only grow great food, but also do so sustainably using locally available materials. We are a no-till garden that utilizes organic practices. Gardens can be divided into 5 sections:

  1. Market Garden

  2. Raised Beds

  3. Indigenous Garden

  4. Botanical Garden

  5. Wildflower Garden


Market Garden

Consisting of 30-inch wide rows with 18-inch pathways, the market garden focuses on growing popular food crops such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and onions. These crops will be grown in abundance to sell at local markets and to feed participants in workshops



An instant garden solution, raised beds bypass poor soil and raises the plant's height to make garden work much easier. We have four 10 ft. X 4 ft. X 2 ft. raised beds, and two shorter raised beds made from stone and repurposed wood.




Nestled in the cove, gardens here are drought tolerant and utilize swales to catch water to not only channel it towards plants, but keep the water on the land for it to soak in and help with the recharge of our region's aquifer



Still work in progress, the terraced site will be developed into colorful landscaping with year-round interest. It will be here where plants such as roses, hostas, hollyhocks, japanese maples, and other non-native plants that with some assistance, can thrive here in our climate.



Situated between the greenhouses and market garden, this 12 foot wide and 130 foot long strip will be home to native wildflowers of the southwest. Plants here will be a mixture of annuals and perennials providing sustenance to our pollinating friends.

Burnham blanket new style with Navajo-Churro wool blanket1.jpg

Navajo Rug Garden

Still in the planning stages, we will be creating a garden that consists of traditional and non-tradiotional plants that are used to dye wool. Stay tuned.

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