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In the spirit of Hózhó and K'é, please help return our land to our people. 

When you donate to the Hozho Center, you are helping to return 2,000 acres of traditional homeland to the Diné which was lost as a result of the Treaty of 1868.  By donating to this cultural and spiritual dream, you are becoming physically and spiritually connected to our Diné community at the heart and soul level.  


Buy an acre of land for the Hozho center by donating $450 and be recognized as a founding member.


How can you help?

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Land Back


Envisioning Indigenous Futurisms 

"Land Back needs to happen so all other aspects of Indigenous livelihood can return with it. Land Back means nourishing our relationship to all things on the land, but it would also mean getting back in touch with our languages and our traditional familial and governing systems, and creating a better relationship with healing and medicine."

Briarpatch, September/October 2020 issue.

The focus of the Hozho Center’s “Landback Campaign” is to construct a Ceremonial Camp and a Navajo-Churro Sheep Camp.  These two camps will be the heart and soul of the Hozho Center.  Future phases will include traditional medicine gardens, a peach orchard, a Navajo inspired restaurant and hotel; an educational center, the Diné museum, and the outreach center.

What's the Plan?

  1. Land purchase: The first thing we need to do is to buy the 2000+ acre of the Borrego Pass property and Trading Post. The land is part of the historical Diné territory.

  2. Site selection: Next, with traditional knowledge, we’ll work with Indigenous and culturally informed architects, engineers, and construction companies to find the best places for each facility. 

  3. Ceremonial blessing of the sites: Before anything is built, we will have a safe, social distanced blessing of the site based on Diné ceremony, prayer, and spirituality. 

  4. Landscaping and building of structures: These include the following: hogans, sweat lodges, cooking and eating facilities, rest areas, sheep facilities, fencing, employee and volunteer housing, and more. 


The Ceremonial Camp and Navajo-Churro Sheep Camp will be constructed as a community project with opportunities for community and donor involvement during construction.  After the Ceremonial Camp is constructed, ceremonies will occur on a regular basis.  Those who contribute to the purchase of the land will also have the opportunity to attend some of the first ceremonies.  Those who help bring the Camps to life will receive a great blessing and be honored by the community.